Lower Cost For Daily Petrol Expense

Some car users say their cars are more fuel efficient than others with the same engine But they may not be as interested in the use and maintenance of their cars.

These are some advises to save you below:

1. Gesture floors avoid the forced floor:

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In this way, the engine can operate comfortably as it does not use much gasoline, and if you want to speed it up, you can trample it Gradually, the neighborhood of Geor.

2. Reduce the use of brakes

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If you want the car to slow down, it would be better to reduce the gearbox than it does to the brakes. Use brakes if necessary.

3. Use the Cruise Control function

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For driving in long-distance situations and less traffic, you need to use the Cruise Control function Constant speed at any level of the car.

4. Never open the mirror while driving

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If you turn on the windscreen, it will also add pressure to the car.

5. Parking in the shade

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This will help keep your car’s gasoline from leaking out. Remember, gasoline is a liquid that can be evaporated by heat.

6. Turn off all electronics before extinguishing the machine

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You should turn off electronics such as magnets and air conditioners before turning off the car, since the engine will be less aggressive when Re-start the engine.

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