Bun Sothea, Eh naroth, Morn Samet against Mas Fight final.

Boxer Eh naroth, Bun Sothea, and 2-year-older Morn Samet may face off Mas Fight final if both of them win the same marathon.

The four do not yet know who to touch in order to win the lottery Khun Khmer put high hopes on Bun Sothea, Eh naroth could reach the final by then if the two of you This is not a draw for the first round, but Bun Sothea and Eh naroth are noted as players. A strong hand and a good fight and compared to the other two marathoners slightly higher.

Let’s See Who will own The Million Million Mask Of The Mas Fight International . The tournament takes place on Sunday, July 12, 2020 from 5pm on the Town Arena.

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