What did Rin Sarath say before touching the captain this Sunday at CNC?

Rin Sarath, a native Khmer boxer from Prey Veng province, said he was not worried about touching the good elbow boxer Sot Bunthy this week But admits that partner is a good player.

Rin Sarath said that for touching Bunthy in the CNC arena, she was not afraid or worried. Despite knowing how good he is, he has met you better than Bunty Further.

Mr. Hun Chanreach’s student goes on to say that the silk bun is good at kicking and kneeling while giving a gift. As for the weaknesses, Saroth does not disclose, however the TV5 winner is committed to. Try your best to meet with the players from the Iron Wing Bird Club above. Saroth will compete with Silk Bunty on Sunday morning, July 12, 2020 at the CNC.

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